I'm learning everything I can about statistics and would love to have a "surprise me" button that would jump to a random question. (And of course, an easily-reachable "surprise me" button on that page, so I can keep jumping until something catches my eye.) I believe Wikipedia and Google have similar buttons.

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The Stack Exchange network has a sister site, Stack Apps for standalone applications that provide an alternative interface or functionality for the site, or browser userscripts that enhance the actual sites themselves.

I would suggest searching there to see if something like exists, and if not, you could post a question asking. Perhaps someone would be willing to whip up a userscript you could add to your browser.

Most modern browsers support userscripts - you can see details on the script tag wiki page for browser support and installation instruction.

Good suggestion. Two partial answers that are in progress: stackapps.com/questions/1643/dice-stack-find-a-random-question and stackapps.com/questions/713/… – Wayne Apr 4 '11 at 18:13

For start, you may browse by tags; topic organisation is pretty good way of getting rid of time bias.

Thanks, this is what I currently do. But then I've occasionally followed a tagged topic's "Related" link and found something fascinating and informative that I would have never thought to search for in the first place. Hence, the "surprise me" idea. – Wayne Apr 4 '11 at 18:11

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